Keep Your Clip-Ins In Check With These 4 Steps

When it comes to weaves and hair extensions, the trends just keep coming. But there’s one that’s tried and true and continues to remain the gift that keeps on giving. Ever heard of clip-ins? Sure you have. From celebrities to everyday chicks walking to the subway, everyone has experimented with the craze that gives you the fullness of a weave without compromising your pockets or manipulating your tresses to the point of damage, which weaves can unfortunately cause whether you’re having it sewn in or glued.

“Whether you have straight or natural hair, clip-ins are amazing for adding volume and length,” celebrity stylist Monaé Everett recently gushed to Hype Hair. “They are also awesome for adding color and dimension – and can give your hair styles longevity and hold curls longer.

But just because it’s lower maintenance on your pockets and mane doesn’t mean you care for them any different. Everett also spoke to the site, detailing not only why they’re amazing but how to correctly maintain and manage them with four simple steps.

To begin, it’s all about keeping it clean. Monaé recommends washing the hair after every ten wears. “Just make sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner,” she explaining, offering Créme of Nature Moisture Shine Shampoo and Conditioner with Argan Oil as an example. After washing the hair, you should lay it flat to dry. “Avoid ruffling – or pushing up and down –  hair to avoid frizz and breakage. You want to keep hair in one direction,” she continued.

When it comes to styling, don’t get too crazy with the heat, ladies. “Maintain medium heat, try not to go over 360 degrees,” said Monaé. “Treat your hair as a delicate fabric.” And of course, when hitting the sheets, you always want to make sure you’re hair and your clip-ins (if you choose to sleep with them in) are protected. “Store your hair extensions in a satin bag to help avoid snagging, tearing or breakage and make sure that your extensions stay shiny and healthy.”

Sounds fool proof to us. Now go out into the world and flourish with your clip-ins, ladies!