Keke Wyatt Defends Herself And Estranged Husband In New Statements: “I’m Not Crazy Or Toxic”

Many people are still trying to pick their jaws up off of the ground over the news that singer Keke Wyatt’s husband Michael Ford had asked her for a divorce. The news may not have been as shocking if it weren’t for the fact that the couple take care of eight children together with a ninth on the way (they share five), and that one of their kids is currently battling cancer. Wyatt revealed the news in a tearful post on Instagram, and Ford confirmed the story with a statement to The JasmineBrand, claiming his wife’s “toxic” behavior is what has torn them apart.

Keke wyatt husband

But in a new statement of sorts captured while Wyatt talked to fans on Snapchat (with her kids playing all around her), she defended herself and at the same time, applauded Ford for being a great father. She said she just wished that he could learn how to practice better timing when it comes to dropping bad news on the people he loves.

“I never said he’s not a good father. He’s a wonderful father,” she said. “He’s an amazing father. He’s a wonderful dad. That I can never take away from him. That’s one thing, he’ll always be is a great dad. Now timing? Your timing ain’t good, buddy. But as far as being a father, he’s a wonderful daddy. That man cooks, takes care of these babies. Helps me in every way.”

Her defense of Ford is a far cry from when she encouraged her followers in that aforementioned tearful post to put him on blast, but as she says, he’s a great father. Now, when asked how he was as a husband, it took the singer some time to answer.

“Yeah, he’s a great husband, a great father. I’m a great mother and a great wife,” she said. “Sometimes people can clash and it’s not good to clash in front of your kids. But one thing that’s for sure is that I’m not crazy or toxic. And he’s not a bad father. And I love him ’til the day I die and that’s just what it is. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.”

In between verbally disciplining her kids and trying to get her thoughts together when she seemed truly sad, Wyatt was able to say that she’s going to persevere through these current setbacks and will continue to “minister” to others going through similar struggles.

“I don’t want nobody calling him a bad dad. He’s not a bad dad. He’s very horrible with his timing but he’s not a bad dad…And you know, I mean he could have probably been taught better timing. Timing don’t add up for everybody. But it is what it is. Now it’s time for me to man up and do what I gotta do, honey. I gotta go make coins, more coins for my children. I gotta go minister to more people, because guess what? Now I’ve got even more of a doggone story to tell.”