Kendall And Kylie Jenner Catching Hell For Transposing Their Faces Over Biggie And Tupac

Images via WENN

I don’t know what I can say about the Kardashian family and their obsession and theft of Black culture that hasn’t already been said and said again. They imitate and emulate Black women’s features and most recently designs from their clothing lines and they attach themselves to Black men in order to get more shine and attention. They exploit Black pain to sell caffeinated beverages.

It’s all a hot mess.

Most of us have peeped game.

And just when you think they’ve done the worst that they’re going to do, something else happens that makes you wonder if they live their lives with the intent to troll Black folks.

I say that because the most recent stunt is just too unbelievable for words.

The Jenner sisters, Kylie and Kendall have transposed their images over two or our most beloved icons, fallen rappers Tupac and Biggie for their vintage t-shirt line.

For those who aren’t sure what’s going on here, that’s an Instagram picture of Kylie pasted over an image of Tupac. And another of Kendall dressed in a suit, over an image of Biggie.

Not only was it a bad idea to literally cover two of our favorites, I can’t understand the logic behind it.

How did that meeting go? Knowing the reputation they have in this industry, how does someone approve, let alone create an image where a White woman is pushed to the forefront at the expense of a Black man? Who heard that concept and thought brilliant?

Then the shirts are selling for $125.

As you might imagine, the reaction from both Black and White people was intense.

If you’re able to find the words, let us know what you make of all this.