Kendu Isaacs Blames Recent Hospitalization On “Stress” And “Emotional Distress” Of Divorce Battle With Mary

It may be a new year, and Mary J. Blige may have filed for divorce from Kendu Isaacs way back in 2016, but it looks like she’s going to have to continue dealing with her estranged husband in 2018.




According to The Blast, in new court papers filed ahead of their divorce trial in March, Isaacs, through his lawyer, claims that the stress of their divorce battle has been so rough that it landed him in the hospital recently:

Petitioner and Respondent are ages 46 and 49, respectively. They are both in generally good health although Respondent has experienced physical manifestations of stress and emotional distress from this matter, which has caused him to become hospitalized.

Isaacs, 49, has said that claims made about him by his estranged wife, whom he used to manage, have made him “unemployable” and close to becoming “destitute” without her financial support. He also said in the past that songs about their relationship’s demise from Blige’s most recent release, Strength of a Woman, have made things worse.

Therefore, he has been fighting her since their 2016 split for increased spousal support. She currently pays him $30,000 a month, but he’s stated that he needs more to be able to cover rent and to sustain himself. However, a judge recently shut down his request for an increase to $65,000 a month.

As for Blige, she’s doing quite well. She recently starred in the Netflix film Mudbound, for which she has obtained a Golden Globe nomination for her work. She’s rubbing elbows with the bigwigs of acting, and did we mention that she looks pretty amazing these days?

However, all of that hasn’t stopped her from talking about her split from Isaacs and the ways in which the work she’s done recently has helped her get through “the heaviness” of it.

“I was dealing with a situation where I did not exactly know what was going on in my life, but I had a feeling that something bad was happening, so I had to be silent,” Blige said to Extra this week about channeling her pain into her Mudbound character, Florence. “I had to give her a lot of silence when she wanted to speak. It’s a crazy thing when you want to say something, but you can’t say something. So, I gave her all my heaviness and strength to… to not speak, although she wanted to speak.”