Kim Kardashian Is Seeking Justice For Two Black Women, But I Still Can’t Trust Her

Photo Credit: Getty Images

After 13 years of being incarcerated, Cyntoia Brown’s story of injustice has gone viral and gotten the attention of many celebrities.   For those who missed this, Brown was sentenced to life in prison 13 years ago at 16-years-old after killing a man who had brought her to his home for sex when she saw him reach for a gun. Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, T.I and Lebron James are among those who helped bring this story back into the news after posting her heartbreaking account on their IG.  T.I said he “got something on the appeal,” but the one celebrity who has surprisingly taken action is Kim Kardashian. Yes, you read right.

Her lawyer, Shawn Holley, has confirmed that the KUWTK star has summoned her to help Brown and another black woman who was unfairly incarcerated. Holley is also looking into helping 62-year Alice Johnson, who is serving life for a non-violent drug conviction.  Ms. Johnson has already served 21 years of that sentence and there is a petition asking signatures in hopes of her being granted clemency.

Cyntoia Brown (left) and Alice Johnson (right)

Mrs. West has done a great deed. Posting on social media is one thing, but actually getting your lawyers into action shows that the mother-of-two means business. I can appreciate her using her money and privilege to help my fellow black women, but I still can’t trust her.

Kim is famous for cultural appropriation and being insensitive when it comes to black people and black matters. Most recently during an appearance on The Real, she admitted her black surrogate who is carrying her third child isn’t invited to her baby shower. She stumbled over the answer because she couldn’t come up with a valid reason for not inviting her. So she’s good enough to use her body and have YOUR child but can’t come to the baby shower?  She doesn’t realize (or maybe she does) that she is treating this black woman like “the help.”

A few months prior to that, she defended beauty vlogger and known racist Jeffrey Starr when an old tweet surfaced of him using the N-word and told people to “get over it.” She apologized after the internet called her out, but how dare you tell us to get over racism?

I can go on and on about  her rap sheet of microaggressions towards people of color, but I’ll spare you. I’m still giving Kim K side eye because considering this rap sheet, I don’t know if she is truly doing this to help these two women who were unjustly incarcerated or if she is trying to change the public perception of her as an infamous cultural appropriator who loves everything black but does nothing for black issues.  Is she doing this to prove she is not a racist? Is she trying to counter all of the backlash that she gets for every insensitive thing she does regarding people of color? What I’m saying I don’t know if her heart is in this.

As a black woman I can relate to these two women to a certain extent, however I have never been unjustly incarcerated and criminalized.  Kim K cannot relate at all, yet she empathizes. Or is she pitying them?  She’s actually doing the thing that people often accuse her of not doing: bring attention to a black issue AND taking action. Her past leaves me to be a skeptic and think that this may be a PR stunt to change her image and that she is using these two stories for her own benefit. I want these women freed just as badly as anyone does, but I don’t want them exploited.