Kobe, Vanessa Bryant May Try For Another Baby Because She “Wants A Boy More Than I Do”

With Natalia, 14, Gianna, 11 and four-month-old Bianka in his home, Kobe Bryant has spent his retirement from basketball dealing with the ladies. And while people would assume that the 38-year-old future Hall of Famer would be losing his mind with a house full of women, Bryant actually loves it, but admits “it’s crazy.”

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Aside from penning the poem “Dear Basketball,” which has now turned into a short film of the same name currently showing at the Tribeca Film Festival, Bryant said he spends his day catering to his daughters, in particular, helping them get ready for and to school.

“I love having girls,” Bryant told AJ Calloway of Extra. “I hear boys are walking tornadoes.”

But when asked if that meant he and wife Vanessa were done having kids, he didn’t seem so sure. While he’s not keeping his fingers crossed for a boy like some would assume, Vanessa is actually hoping she can bring a little guy into the house. You know, to decrease the estrogen.

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“We’ll see,” Bryant said. “I love having my girls. I think Vanessa wants a boy more than I do. It doesn’t matter to me.”

Speaking of defying what other people might expect of him, Bryant also told Calloway that instead of trying to do sports commentating or even coaching down the line, he wants to focus on continuing to write and storytelling in general.

“The coaching thing is never–no way. I feel like I can have a greater impact,” Bryant said. “I can coach a team and coach 15 players, right? Or I can put high-level content into stories. Short-form, long-form, novels, it doesn’t matter. I can put that information into the stories and reach a wider audience.”

The more you know…

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