Kyla Pratt Just Got A Grown And Sexy Haircut ‘Cuz She Felt Like It

Kyla Pratt is forever a sweet baby-faced teen in most of our eyes — despite the fact that she’s 30 year’s old and a mother of two. Blame it on a combination of good genes, a bubbly personality, and the fact that the actress starred in all of our teen and childhood favorites from “Proud Family” to “Dr. Doolittle,” and “One on One.” But the beauty just got a haircut that puts her fully in the grown and sexy category. And she did it just because she felt like it.

When you cut it cuz you feel like it ?

A post shared by Kyla Pratt (@kylapratt) on May 28, 2017 at 9:03pm PDT

As should come as no surprise, the cut looks amazing on the starlet and is proof that when you want to switch up your look you should just do it without thinking too much. Thanks for the reminder!