Kyle Chandler: Connie Britton ‘Refuses’ to Do a ‘Friday Night Lights’ Revival

Teary eyes, might lose. Friday Night Lights‘ favorite couple may never reunite onscreen again, according to Kyle Chandler. The Bloodline actor revealed why while attending the season 3 premiere of his Netflix show in Culver City, California, on Wednesday, May 24.

Connie Britton is the hold out. She won’t. She refuses to do it,” Chandler, 51, exclusively told Us Weekly on the red carpet. He added with a smirk, “Connie refuses to do it so I’m not going to do it without her.”

Chandler and the Nashville alum, 50, played Coach Eric and Tami Taylor on the football drama, which ran from 2006 to 2011 on NBC. Often landing on Best TV Couples lists, the duo basically put the “full hearts” in the show’s popular tagline.

Dillon Panther (and East Dillon Lions!) fans have been hoping for a reboot for years. Chandler, however, told Us that he hasn’t heard of an official comeback.

The Spectacular Now star has been keeping busy since walking off the field, though. He appeared in the Oscar-winning films Argo and Manchester by the Sea, and just wrapped Bloodline’s final season.

“I’ll probably miss the process that we had while we were shooting it, which was a process that was somewhat similar to Friday Night Lights. It was just so enjoyable and open,” Chandler told Us on Wednesday of the Netflix series. “And I’ll miss the collaboration that the writers share. And then you miss the people. As far as the character, I won’t miss that, but it’s the real people that you miss.”

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