Kym Whitley Dishes On Weaves, Extensions And Her Favorite Products For Maintaining Natural Hair

When it comes to slaying the hair game, beloved comedic actresses Kym Whitley does it well. Known for rocking a plethora of styles throughout her career, she recently shared her thought on all things hair with And we must say, she’s preaching the gospel we all need to be reminded of when it comes to treating our hair the right way that will maintain its health.

When asked about her thoughts on weaves and extensions, Whitley didn’t hold back. “If you want to have your hair edges when you’re in your 70s, you have to be careful with your weaves, wigs and extensions,” she said. “If you want to have a huge forehead, keep wearing those weaves and tight braids and that is what you’re going to get: a big forehead.” While Whitley explained that she likes wearing wigs, she also believes in protecting her edges at all costs. So for her that means “putting grease or some kind of moisture on your hair.” When it comes to moisturizing, she keeps thing simple with the original Pink Oil Moisturizer Lotion and Sulfur 8.  “That’s what you gotta do, is go old school. That’s all I got to say about that,” she continued.

Most importantly, she touched on the topic of the braided foundation of weaves. You know, when your stylist does the absolute most and braids too tight, which can cause hair issues like alopecia. “You got to tell your braider or the person doing the weave not to braid it so tight around the front,” she explained. “This is not a competition, and it doesn’t mean the tighter you braid, the longer your weave will stay. Braid it tight in the middle and keep it soft on the edges.”

True that, Kym!