Lady Gaga Releases New Single From Her Upcoming Album


Lady Gaga is giving her fans a Million Reasons to be looking forward to her upcoming album Joanne. The single is the second song the Poker Face singer had released from the album, and it sounds like it very well could be a huge hit.

The single appeared yesterday on Youtube, and this morning on iTunes to purchase. The slow ballad is full of heartfelt verses about the end of a relationship, including “You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go / You’re giving me a million reasons to quit the show / You’re giving me a million reasons / Give me a million reasons / Giving me a million reasons / About a million reasons.”

Gaga is currently taking part in what she’s named the Dive Bar Tour, on which she performs at small bars across the country. On Wednesday night she stopped in Nashville. During her set, which was streamed live on Bud Light’s Facebook page,  she premiered Million Reasons, along with two other songs from the album, Sinner’s Prayer and A-Yo. The tour continues on October 20th and 27th.



The 30 year old Gaga called the song a mix of country, funk, rock  roll, and hip-hop. With such a wide variety of musical genres in one song, it’s not surprising that people are wondering what the sound of the album will be. It’s been said that Joanne doesn’t fit into any one genre, although Gaga did work with country music writer Hillary Lindsey on the album.

You can preorder Joanne now on and iTunes. Million Reasons is available now however.