Last Minute Summer Activities For The Kid At Heart

As we get older, sometimes we forget about some of the amazing moments that we had as children. We forget the exciting feeling of being on the winning soccer team or the feeling of happiness when we were the first one to get a spot on the swing. Summer was the best time as a kid, because you have two months of no school and no homework.  If you’re feeling nostalgic for your days as a child, Real Style has rounded up a few activities that will bring some joy to your inner child. 

If you’re wondering how to recreate the childhood feeling again, start off by sleeping in this weekend, and starting off your Saturday by watching cartoons. Next, ride your bike around the neighbourhood and stop by the ice cream truck for a tempting cone. 

When we were young, we would either play with our friends at recess or were part of a sports team at school. The truth is, you’re never too old to play sports. Instead of going out with friends, plan a sports game. It’s a great way to be active and to bond with one another. Whether your favourite sport was soccer, basketball or baseball, all you need is a ball and a park. 

Whether it was at the beach or at a community pool, everybody has memories of their parents taking them swimming. Going swimming is a great way to beat the heat, and a water park is a perfect way to turn up the fun. Grab your closest friends and head to your local pool or water park, and prepare to literally splash away the end of another beautiful, short and sweet Canadian summer. 

Photo: iStock