Lauryn Hill Faces Lawsuit From Former Trombone Player For Unpaid Wages

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Lauryn Hill is reportedly being hit with a lawsuit by her former band member for not paying what she owes. Trombone player Matthew Harnett claims that he was hired by L-Boogie to record a few live studio sessions last summer. Everything went well, and she asked him to go on a 10-week tour with her in the fall. Harnett agreed and signed a contract but was fired before the tour even started.  He was allegedly never paid for the live recording sessions either.

The lawsuit states that Harnett is entitled to half of his standard rate listed in his contract and $4,000 for the studio sessions. He’s suing Hill for $11,521.60 plus damages.

Ms. Hill is no stranger to financial problems. She served three months house arrest and three months in jail for not paying $1.8 million in taxes from 2005 to 2007.