Let It Go: 10 Romantic Reunions People Should Probably Stop Holding Out Hope For

There are some relationships in Hollywood that people, for some reason, hold in higher esteem than their own. The Denzels and Paulettas. The Wills and Jadas. The Beys and Jays of the world. And while all of those couples are cute #relationshipgoals, there are some former #relationshipgoals, former celebrity couples that is, who people still hold out hope for to reunite. Granted, I think any marriage should be worked on until it can’t be worked on anymore. I root for anyone who wants to make their union work. However, there are some situations (both marriages and long-term relationships) that just aren’t healthy. So don’t hold your breath for these folks…

TI and Tiny

Tiny and T.I.

Where do we start? As though calling marriage a “distraction” wasn’t bad enough, his controlling behavior and cheating habits are the expired cherry on top.