Lime- What To Know About This Magic Ingredient For Digestion And More


Photo: gablet13 on Instagram

While that lime wedge may be used to adorn your summer cocktail, there are actually many health benefits of this citrus fruit. The many advantages of lime include weight loss, skin care, improved digestion, eye care and much more. It can be consumed in various forms including sorbet, beverages, and refreshing cocktails. If you’re wondering what is so great about lime, check out these important facts and medicinal uses:

Skin care: Lime juice and its natural oils are extremely beneficial for the skin when consumed both orally and applied externally. It protects and rejuvenates the skin from infections and odors due to the great amount of vitamin-C within the citrus fruit. When lime is applied to the skin externally, the acids scrub out the dead cells, cures dandruff as well as rashes and bruises. Lime can also be added to bathing water for a refreshing and relaxing bathing experience.

Fever: If one is suffering from a fever, lime and lime juice can be quite beneficial. Lime and citrus fruits in general have fever-reducing qualities. The large concentration of vitamin-C found in limes naturally lowers the temperature of the body.

Weight Loss: The citric acids presented in limes are excellent fat burners. A glass of warm water filled with lime is a great refresher and antioxidant drink, as well as an excellent weight reducer.

Digestion: The natural acidity in limes aids primary digestion. According to Organicfacts, it breaks down the macro molecules of the food, the compounds found in the fragrant oils extracted from the lime stimulate the digestive system and ultimately increases secretion of digestive juices. Lime juice is also helpful in relieving bloating.

Constipation: The most beneficial element of a lime is its high acidity. With a large amount of acids, the excretory system is cleared by washing and cleaning off the tracts. Lime juice also acts as a great laxative as it helps your body detoxify and relieve constipation.