LISS Cardio- What To Know About This New Fitness Trend


Photo: ingridpino95 on Instagram

If 2016 was the year of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), then 2017 will certainly be that of LISS. LISS, or Low Intensity Sustained State, is a lesser known workout trend that has begun to gain traction on social media and within the fitness community. Considered a “distant cousin” to HIIT, LISS involves aiming for a low level of exertion but for a long, continuous period.  

How to do it: A LISS workout is essentially any form of low-endurance cardio or aerobic activity. Popular examples include jogging, walking, swimming or biking at a slower pace than you might take in high endurance sports. Start with a 30 minute time frame and try to work your endurance up to an hour.

Benefits: Though HIIT is often considered to be the cardio powerhouse, there are also a number of benefits associated with LISS. Keeping your body at a moderate heart rate level ensures that you burn body fat as a primary source of fuel, rather than burning glucose as is more common with an elevated heart rate. Additionally, LISS workouts have a much lower risk of injury.

Who should try it: LISS workouts are a great way for beginners who lack the cardiovascular endurance necessary for HIIT exercise. It’s also a great way for those with pre-existing injuries or those who suffer from joint pain to exercise at a lower intensity.