Listen To Selena Gomez’ New Single With Kygo “It Ain’t Me”

We knew a new song coming, thanks to a couple of Instagram posts Selena Gomez made back at the start of the month, but until it was released today we didn’t know when it was coming. And now we’re glad it’s out.

On February 4th Gomez put up a pair of Instagram posts that got her fans excited. The first was a half profile picture of her with a black x taped over her mouth. And the second was a snippet of a beat. The lyrics “I had a dream / we were back to 17 / summer nights and liberties / never growing up,” were also shared. They were temporary, Insta stories though, and disappeared after 24 hours. The posts were the last news we heard of the track until today.

The 24 year old singer took to Twitter early this morning, proclaiming “It’s finally here!” The single is called It Ain’t Me, and is by Norwegian DJ Kygo. Selena Gomez is the featured singer on the track. It marks Gomez’ first new song since 2015, and it is a good one. It narrates a story of a love destroyed thanks to alcoholism. 

Beside recording the track, Gomez also has been busy being an executive producer on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which premiered on March 31st.