Live By Night And Ben Affleck’s Biggest Flops

Throughout his career Ben Affleck has been really hit or miss. When he’s been up, he’s had such hits as Good Will Hunting, Argo, The Town, Armageddon and Shakespeare in Love. But when he’s been down, he’s been way down to the point that the film flops. We’re not taking Batman v. Superman either, after all even though it wasn’t considered to be among his best roles it still made a lot of money at the theater and Affleck was actually considered to be pretty good in the film, but we’re talking roles that we have to scratch our head and wonder why he decided to take it in the first place.We take a look at some of his worst roles.

Gigli – You know you hit an all time low when you win a Golden Raspberry for your performance. It was hard to believe Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck would get engaged after this train wreck of a movie where they displayed zero chemistry. To make things worse Affleck won two Razzie’s for the 2003 film.  The film only ended up grossing 6 million at the box office and cost over 54 million to make.

Daredevil – Ok, we’re sure Affleck knows that 2003 was a rough year. He won a Razzie for this attempt at a superhero as well. Sure Daredevil wasn’t exactly a flop, and it did earn more than it cost to make, but it has haunted his career ever since. It’s not entirely his fault the movie was so bad, but really, he should have paid a bit more attention to the script and turned it down. 

Live By Night – After three critically liked movies in a row (Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Argo) you just had to known that eventually Affleck would direct a stinker. Affleck directed, produced and wrote the adaptation of Live By Night, and by the sounds of things was given full reign to the make the movie how he wanted to. Unfortunately the movie has made just over $6 million so far, and cost over $65 million to make. The movie could still turn things around, but it’s not getting very good reviews, and word of mouth is saying to avoid it.

Runner Runner – When a movie costs only $30 million to make and stars Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake, you think it would at least make its money back. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case with this 2013 film about an online gambler caught between a rock and a hard place. Affleck looked like he was just cashing in a pay check with this stinker.

Surviving Christmas – Typically holiday movies will find a new life during the holiday season by being played over and over on TV, no matter how bad they are, but this movie was such a huge stinker that you will have a hard time finding it anywhere. Even DVD discounts bins at your local Wal-Mart doesn’t have it. Affleck was horribly cast in this film, and doesn’t suit the character at all.