Louisiana Teachers Charged After Saying THIS To Bullied Student

When your child is bullied at school, it’s up to teachers to come to their defense—but what happens when the person picking on students is the teacher?

This was the helpless situation one Louisiana mother faced when her daughter claimed she was being bullied by two teachers at Washington Elementary school. Ann Marie Shelvin is alleged to have told the child “go kill yourself”, and even threatened to fail other students if they did not fight her.

According to St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz, he was first notified of the incident from the student’s mother who filed a complaint back in February, and again in April as the abuse continued. A police report obtained by CNN reveals that, on one occasion, multiple students were sent to the principal’s office after being forced by Shelvin to fight the girl. One of the coerced students said Shelvin threatened to neglect helping her with classwork if she didn’t comply.

Although Shelvin was eventually removed from Washington Elementary and faces criminal charges, the bullied girl’s mother claims the replacement teacher, Tracy Gallow, also tormented her daughter. Convinced that Gallow was retaliating against her child for exposing Shelvin, the mother notified the sheriff, upon which her suspicions were confirmed.

Surveillance footage from within the school building showed Gallow roughly pushing the young student onto bleachers in two separate instances. Gallow would later admit to assaulting the child, though she claimed it was due to her misbehaving and not out of retaliation for Shelvin.

“As a St. Landry Parish school board member, St. Landry Parish is not going to tolerate it,” said Anthony Stanberry, a school board official, “Whatever actions needs to be taken care of to handle the situation is what we plan to do.”

According to the school district, they assure the public they are taking “these allegations very seriously” and are working to “protect the health, safety, and welfare of our students.”

As for the two teachers involved, both are facing charges of malfeasance in office, interference, and intimidation in school functions.

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