‘Mariah’s World’ Recap: Mariah Carey Doubts Future With Fiance James Packer, Eats Pot Brownie

#RIPMariahAndJames! If it wasn’t clear in the episodes prior, the Sunday, January 22, installment of E!’s Mariah’s World pretty much cemented the narrative that backup dancer Bryan Tanaka was caught in the crosshairs of the infamous Mariah Carey/James Packer split. Also, get ready for Nick Cannon‘s arrival!

James Left Mariah Abruptly in the Middle of Her Tour

The episode kicked off with an abrupt exit by James — who in the prior episode was filmed saying “I love you” to then-fiancée Mariah after her Paris show. When Mariah’s manager, Stella Bulochnikov, asked the singer, “Did your fiancé leave already?” Mariah responded saying, “Yes … I didn’t get to spend quality time with him.” 

The performer then hinted at their ever-postponed wedding plans, saying, “We keep pushing things.” When Stella pressed her further, asking why he left “so soon,” Mariah responded, “Because I asked him if everything was good.” Is Miss Mimi referring to “the talk” that every couple inevitably have before breaking up?

Mariah Admits She Can’t Juggle Her Fiancé With Her Tour

In a confessional, the “We Belong Together” singer reiterated her usual line about how her and James’ schedules never align: “He’s busy, and it’s just like, ‘I just wish I had more time to give him.’ … But I really don’t have that right now.” She then continued pessimistically, “It’s not really easy for us to spend time together. … I’ve never been, like, a good juggler.”

Bryan Is Sad About Mariah’s Engagement

On top of having possibly suffered a “serious detrimental injury,” Tanaka seemed down about Mariah’s romantic unavailability. Stella commented on the dancer’s demeanor by saying, “I think that Tanaka is sad because it’s finally sunk in that Mariah is engaged. He can’t dance — he can’t have the girl.” And he’s a virgin who can’t drive! We kid, we kid. (You’re welcome, Clueless fans.) But clearly, he ends up getting the girl, right? 

Seeing Mariah With James Made Tanaka a “Little Crazy” — So He Decides to Go Home

After a brief scene where Miss MC drank coffee out of a straw while wearing a glittery onesie, Tanaka lamented his fractured patella and fractured hear. “I can’t do any more shows. To make matters worse, with Mariah I’m pretty confused about things,” he said. “When I saw James with Mariah, I’m not gonna lie, I felt a little crazy.” 

Tanaka concluded his heartbreaking missive with, “My career could be over. … It sucks. I feel helpless right now because I can’t do what I’m supposed to be doing, and I think it’s best that I go home.” No, Tanaka, don’t leave Us!

Mariah Gives Tanaka a Lap Dance in Front of Her Amsterdam Audience

When Mariah was informed that her favorite hoofer might be leaving her, she seemed shocked: “Seriously, is it that bad?” She then sprung into action, giving a crutches-clad Tanaka an incredibly sultry lap dance in the middle of her Amsterdam show during the song “Touch My Body.” She admitted, “We came up with the idea to surprise Tanaka and bring Tanaka up on stage because he loves being on stage, and I kinda wanted to make that moment for him.”

It seemed like the moment succeeded because Tanaka definitely didn’t leave the tour after that — with no real explanation as to why he decided to stay. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Mariah admitted, “I don’t want Tanaka to leave.” She does always get what she wants! Tanaka told the camera, “It made me feel a lot better. … I’m extremely happy that Mariah’s in my life. I’d rather have that than nothing at all.”

Mariah Carey Eats a “Space Cake” in Amsterdam

Yes, Mariah ate a space cake — a.k.a. a type of THC edible — on camera at the Bulldog Cafe in Amsterdam. She loved teasing the camera with, “Should I have one? OK, did I say you could film this?” Who doesn’t love seeing her break the fourth wall? She later took a bite and spent time at the party sitting next to Tanaka. The morning after the “space cake” shindig, Mariah took it upon herself to prank one of her dancers by showing up in his bed with another crew member as he woke up. Mariah, when are you getting your own prank show? This girl can sing and pull hijinks! 

Mariah Seductively Cuddles Up to Tanaka (While Engaged)

After a sweet moment of Mariah wishing her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, a happy fifth birthday on stage at her Cape Town show, the afterparty started to heat up. A seemingly tipsy Mariah admitted to her party bus full of people, “I’m about to be a dumbass with somebody. You’ve got the job.” She then stood up and got dangerously close to Tanaka — it definitely looked like they were about to kiss!

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The rest of the scene consisted of shots of them partying and cuddling up to each other. An exasperated Stella said to the camera, “Is this really happening? … Holy f–k, I can’t keep up.” Mariah said of her “friendship” with Tanaka, “You just don’t have that connection with everybody.” Mariah proceeded to sit on Tanaka’s lap as he caressed her. Um, she was still engaged during all of this, in case anyone forgot.

Mariah Reveals She “Doesn’t Know” If She’ll Marry James

In a preview clip for the following week’s episode, some serious bombshells were dropped. First of all, we’re going to see a cameo from Mariah’s ex-husband, Nick Cannon, so that should be amazing. We also witnessed a shot of Tanaka asking Mariah point blank, “Are you really gonna marry this guy?” She responded, “I don’t even know anymore. … Whatever happens, I’m going to follow my heart.” We have a strong feeling “follow my heart” means “follow my Tanaka.”

Tell Us: Do you like Mariah and Tanaka together?

Mariah’s World airs on E! Sundays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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