‘Mariah’s World’ Recap: Mariah Carey Sits on Bryan Tanaka’s Lap, Then Cuddles With Fiance James Packer

It’s Mariah’s world — we’re just living in it! Mariah’s World‘s Sunday, January 15, episode stirred up some satisfying drama, as usual, and also included some difficult moments, as we saw the singer grieve the loss of her friend Prince.

Mariah Carey’s Social Media Is Run by a 12-Year-Old

The biggest gem to come out of this show thus far, aside from certain romantic scandals, has to be the discovery that Mariah Carey farms out her social media presence to a preteen girl. When discovering a revealing photo of her butt on social media, Mariah explained that her manager Stella Bulochnikov’s 12-year-old daughter was the culprit. Mimi explained, “Mishka … who is 12 years old … started doing a lot of my social media.… I wouldn’t have posted it myself.”

When Carey was asked if she was concerned over her then-fiancé, James Packer, seeing the scantily clad photo of herself hugging choreographer Anthony Burrell, Carey responded, saying, “He’s making billions of dollars.… He’s not looking at that.” Even though 12 may seem a little young for the prestigious title of “social media manager,” Carey seemed unfazed: “I like the fact that she’s so young, and she has a fresh perspective on things.”

Mariah Sits on Bryan Tanaka’s Lap, Plays With His Hair

The chemistry between Carey and Bryan Tanaka is starting to hit a boiling point! While on a private jet to Paris, the singer flirtatiously sat on the dancer’s lap and even played with his hair. This, obviously, is newsworthy, considering the singer was engaged at the time! Bulochnikov confronted Carey in the star’s Paris hotel room, saying, “I think Tanaka has a very big crush on you.” Carey brushed off the accusations by calling Bulochnikov a “drama queen” and “12 years old.”

Mariah Steps Out With a Nearly Nude Bryan

After losing his luggage, a still-injured Bryan balanced on crutches as Mariah toted him around Paris to buy him some designer replacement clothes. As the pop icon picked out a sweater and a jacket for the dancer, it seemed like she enjoyed taking care of him. In a major wife-move, she even adjusted his collar! When she caught him over-accessorizing, she said of his trim physique, “Darling, you have a canvas — you don’t need to add too much to it.”

Mariah Tries on Wedding Dress in Front of Bryan

In a nearly Shakespearean level of dramatic irony, Carey donned her wedding dress for her future nuptials to Packer as love interest Tanaka looked on in sorrow. In a confessional, the brooding dancer admitted, “Seeing Mariah in that dress, that’s definitely a wake-up call ‘cause I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah. Wedding.’” Yeah, Bryan! Wedding!

Prince Died Right Before Mariah’s Paris Concert

In an emotional turn, we watched as Carey pulled herself together for a concert after receiving the news of her friend Prince’s death. Bulochnikov revealed to the camera, “The news about Prince just hit her so hard, and she can’t stop crying.” Carey then gave a touching tribute to her late friend at the concert, saying, “Prince was just an incredible artist. There really are no words to describe him.… He made a difference in my life, not just as an artist but as a friend.”

Mariah’s Fiancé Shows Up and Throws Bryan for a Loop

At this point in the episode, we were greeted with a rare appearance from Carey’s scarcely present then-fiancé. The performer and Packer held hands and seemed loved-up as they traveled together between her show and various events. In a classic Stella strategic move, the singer’s manager seated Packer and Tanaka in “separate corners” of a party to “avoid nonsense.”

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Carey gushed about her fiancé’s presence, saying, “Even if he can’t spend that much time with me, it’s really nice of him to fly in.” Then, in an extremely rare moment, we actually got to hear Pacler speak. As he bellowed, “I love you,” to Carey in his Australian accent, we nearly forgot that her one true love, Tanaka, was lurking in the shadows — metaphorically speaking.

Bryan Says Mariah’s Engagement “Fking Sucks”

To the camera, Tanaka lamented about Carey’s romantic exchange with her fiancé, saying, “Seeing it in real life, I guess it’s real.” He elaborated that Packer’s presence “took a lot of air out of my balloon.… It just f‑‑king sucks.” Tanaka continued on a more positive note, saying, “It looks like she’s really happy. I want her to be happy.”

The episode concluded with Packer telling Carey that she “blew everyone away” at her concert. He continued with, “I’m so looking forward to spending time with you.” The show then cut to another confessional of Tanaka, who lamented, “Seeing Mariah and James connect is superweird for me.… I feel like I’ve been living in this fantasy for a while.… I feel like I just made a big mistake.”

Tell Us: What do you think of how Tanaka is behaving around Carey?

Mariah’s World airs on E! Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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