‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ Recap: Amy Duggar’s Husband Wants Her to Get Rid of Her Famous Last Name

There’s a fine line between love and hate — but sometimes people just hate each other. On the Friday, January 20, episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Gabi Victor‘s twin sister, Danni, was still wreaking havoc on Gabi’s relationship with Victor Tarrats. It was so bad, in fact, that J.P. Rosenbaum (who really didn’t have a dog in that fight, so to speak) was genuinely worried there would be another massive blowup before the day was over.

“Last night was so disrespectful,” Danni barked at Gabi. “I’m never going to forgive him!” Danni went on to say that Victor didn’t like her because she was constantly reminding Gabi she could do better. “He’s a f–king bum! Without Gabi, he’s nobody,” she declared. J.P. wasn’t the only one taking notice of Danni’s destructive ways, however. Renee Graziano told Danni, straight up, that she was “immature,” and called Danni out for flipping Victor off. Danni responded by marching over to Victor to continue their fight. “The guy is double-teamed every day,” J.P. said to the camera with a sigh. Ultimately, Danni told Gabi she was being “a dumb bitch” and left.

Amy Duggar Says Her Husband Doesn’t “Give a S–t” About Her

Meanwhile, Amy Duggar and Dillon King were continuing their bickering, which seemed to have been magnified when Amy broke into laughter during the exercise the night before in which she was supposed to be “dead.” Dillon reiterated that when she laughed at him, it made him not want to try. “It doesn’t really give me a whole lot of incentive or energy to try to make it further or better,” he explained. Instead of hearing him out, Amy snapped back, blasting his “negative” tone.

“I make you feel 100 feet tall,” she said. “You make me feel about two!” She went on to argue that his tone made her question how he felt about her. “I’m like, ‘He doesn’t give a s–t about me,'” she revealed. Later, their fighting escalated when he complained about the fact that she hadn’t changed her name. She blamed it on the fact that her mom lost her birth certificate during a move, but Dillon argued that it had been eight months, and she could have figured it out by now.

Ashley Gets Flirty With Buck

The experts set up a dance class with a twist: The couples were split up and got new dance partners. Though Ashley Hebert had just been warned that if she didn’t start making J.P. No. 1, someone else would, she seemed to forget that advice the moment she partnered up with Buck Thomas (who was PreMadonna‘s main squeeze, just in case you forgot).

Ashley and Buck did a great job with their dancing, and after, Judge Lynn Toler complimented them, noting that they both did much better without their “dominating partners.” There was no real indication that J.P. got the message, but he and Ashley looked lovey-dovey at the end of the night, so things couldn’t be that bad. (Er … right?)

Amy Tries to Dance With Her Husband … and Fails

Renee was paired with Dillon, but due to an ankle injury, she couldn’t complete the exercise. In a moment of spontaneity, Amy jumped in. (She was sporting a skintight, bright red jumpsuit for the occasion and seemed to be loving every minute of flaunting her curves for the cameras.) Though she and Joe Gambino (Renee’s boyfriend) had excelled during their routine together, Amy and Dillon struggled.

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“Dancing with Dillon is exhausting,” she sighed to the camera. “I thought it was going to be hot and sexy, and it didn’t happen.” She went on to call it a “disaster,” but admitted it was still kind of fun, so that was something.

The night ended with Renee getting irate that Joe was drinking too much — though she was already unhappy that he had been too flirty with Amy during their dance pairing. “Oh, it’s one of those nights,” Renee said with an eye roll as Joe mentioned he was going to get another glass of something. “You’re a j–k-off, is what you are! F–k you.”

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