‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Amy Duggar Compares Sex With Husband Dillon King to ‘Being Raped’

There might be trouble in paradise. On the Friday, February 3, episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, the couples had to face their habits of assigning blame instead of taking responsibility, and as usual, some did better with this task than others. Things kicked off badly for 19 Kids and Counting alum Amy Duggar and her husband, Dillon King. “I swear, if that’s how you talk, I don’t know if this is going to work,” she threatened behind their bedroom door. Their argument only spiraled downward from there.

Dillon Gets Put in His Place

The next day, the couples had to do an exercise in which they decided (as a pair) which person was more at fault for certain issues in their relationships. The issues were written on plates, and the person deemed to be the bigger offender was then instructed to break the plate.

When Amy and Dillon went up, they quickly agreed he was to blame for their communication troubles. Amy said Dillon struggled with his tone, and while he agreed with her, he agreed using a tone that only proved his wife’s point. Dillon argued it was a “subconscious” habit, and Amy shouted back, “That’s worse!”

Gabi Victor said she would never put up with a man talking to her the way Dillon talked to Amy, as did Renee Graziano, who said that Dillon spoke to Amy like she was his employee. (Dillon didn’t seem to value either of their opinions very highly, though, so it hardly mattered.) Gabi only had so much energy to spend on Amy and Dillon, however, since she and Victor Tarrats had been fighting constantly for days.

Ashley Takes the Blame

In her typical fashion, Ashley Hebert accepted the blame for most of her problems related to her marriage with J.P. Rosenbaum. She took responsibility for not spending enough quality time with her husband and for not compromising enough. J.P. took the blame for putting family before work (which seemed like it was another version of not spending enough quality time together, but no one seemed to catch that).

Dillon Gets a Pie in the Face

Breaking the plates was just the beginning, however. After being forced to reassemble the dinnerware, their fellow “campers” voted on whether the couple had accurately assigned the blame for these offenses to begin with. Each couple picked the issue they thought was their biggest, and the rest of the house voted on which person was more at fault.

When Amy and Dillon picked communication as their most pressing problem, everyone unanimously voted that Dillon was the bigger offender — and he then got a pie in his face. When the pie didn’t quite hit right, Amy helped him out and smashed the remaining pie in his face. (Ahh, young love.)

“I think I have a tone of some kind,” Dillon acknowledged. It was a baby step, but a good step. Later, when giving her reviews for the day, Judge Lynn Toler advised Dillon, “Before you open your mouth, ask yourself, ‘Am I annoyed? Am I angry? Am I upset?'” She said if he answered yes to any of those questions, he should keep his mouth shut while he cooled down. As for Amy, Toler told her to be a little more responsible.

Ashley Breaks Down in Tears

When it was Ashley and J.P.’s turn for the pie exercise, Victor got really upset and started saying that he thought the Bachelorette alums were being fake. Everyone else chimed in to say how much they agreed — which brought Ashley to tears.

“This isn’t fair!” she cried. “It really pisses me off! You know what? I want to say something.” She then marched out from behind the pie stand and said, “I’ve always been this way. We counsel each other. It doesn’t make me fake. I’m not hiding anything.” J.P. chimed in to say that he hated “watching this happen” to Ashley, but acknowledging that he didn’t know “how to calm her down sometimes.” Later, to the cameras, J.P. said he honestly didn’t know “what the f–k” everyone else in the house was talking about.

For her part, Judge Toler urged Ashley to monitor her feelings a bit better. “You’ve got a lot going on up there. All the thoughts and the anxieties and the worries, and then you carpet-bomb him with your feelings,” she noted. “Try making sure you know what it is you want from him specifically before you start talking to him.” As for J.P., the judge said he did need to open up and speak about his feelings more. Jury’s still out on whether he follows through.

Amy Tells Dillon She Feels Like She’s “Being Raped”

Despite all of the experts’ efforts to get Amy and Dillon back on the same page, as soon as they were in their bedroom, they started bickering again. “It sucks being treated like a child!” she shouted. Her husband responded by telling her she was being “overdramatic.” Then Amy freaked out.

“When you treat me like a child, I feel like I’m being raped by an older man!” she screamed. Umm … that’s not good.

Tell Us: Do you think Amy and Dillon are doomed?

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs on We tv Fridays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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