‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: J.P. Rosenbaum Admits He’s ‘Unable to Understand’ Wife Ashley Hebert’s ‘Anxiety’

Sometimes our biggest enemy is ourselves — just ask the couples on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. On the Friday, February 24, episode of the relationship-rehab show, the celebrities were forced to face the things about themselves that they didn’t like, and the results weren’t pretty. Renee Graziano was on a bit of a rampage from the get-go because she was bent out of shape about her boyfriend, Joey Gambino, getting sloppy drunk the night before. Joe didn’t seem to remember much of what had happened, but that wasn’t making Renee feel any better.

First up was an exercise that required campers to write on a headshot everything about themselves they’d like to change. Ashley Hebert said she hated that she was so “fearful” and “selfish.” J.P. Rosenbaum said he hated that he couldn’t understand Ashley’s anxiety. “There are times that I just shut down,” he said when discussing his poor response to his emotional wife. Amy Duggar‘s husband, Dillon King, admitted he wished he could be “impatient” and “judgmental,” and said he knew he often came “across as an arrogant prick.” Everyone agreed with that.

Amy Told Renee Joe Was Flirting With Her

Sensing that Renee was irritated, Amy headed over to chat with her. Unfortunately, Amy decided it was a good time to ask the Mob Wives star if she minded that Joe had blown a kiss to her the night before. Er … Renee minded.

Renee went from zero to 100 in about two seconds and began screaming things about how “disrespectful” Joe was. PreMadonna and J.P. both thought Renee was blowing it totally out of proportion because Joe’s “kiss” had been innocent. (Amy had forgotten to mention that Dillon had been right by her side at the time.)

Renee Turns on Amy

Amy argued that Joe needed to learn to be a better boyfriend to Renee, while Renee and Joe battled it out. Joe said it meant nothing and pointed out that Dillon had been standing right next to Amy when the smooch happened, but Renee didn’t seem to want to hear that. At one point, Joe got so angry that he told Renee to “shut up” and demanded that she apologize to him.

Renee was still mad but confessed, “If I would have known that her husband was standing there, I would not have reacted that way.” Oops. Renee then turned on Amy, screaming that she had no common sense. Amy said Joe was the one who needed to get some common sense. The experts both felt that Renee was turning on Amy for Joe’s bad behavior, but no resolution was ever reached.

Ashley and J.P. Face Their Fears

In the next part of the exercise, the boot campers had to tape their pictures (with all of their bad qualities scrawled on them) onto those giant pads that football players use to practice pushing each other around (the really heavy ones that are impossible to move), and then run them into a safe zone. Ashley was actually excited about this drill because, according to J.P., she is “freakishly strong.” Good to know. Ashley did, indeed, do a stellar job with the exercise, screaming, “I hate that I have anxiety!” as she ran the football equipment down the “field.” JP did pretty well, too, screaming, “I hate that I’m unable to understand your anxiety!” and “I hate that I’m not sometimes made a priority!”

Ashley heard him say that and screamed, “I hate that I make you feel that way!” They then both burned their pictures in a symbolic move to forgive themselves for their shortcomings and move on.

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Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs on WE tv Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.