Martin Scorsese To Direct SCTV Reunion Documentary

With all the TV revivals happening these days, and Netflix being one of the companies leading the way, it’s not surprising to hear that a special about SCTV is on its way. Of course it’s not a revival this time around, but a documentary that will explore the Canadian sketch comedy show’s history, with help from many of those that helped make the series so special.

It was announced yesterday that Academy Award winning director Martin Scorsese would be helming the documentary, and that many of the stars would be returning to talk about the series. While Scorsese, a New Yorker, isn’t exactly the name you’d expect to be directing the special, producer Andrew Alexander told Sun Media that “He’s been an incredible fan since the early days. He thinks there’s a cultural component to all of this — the influence this show’s had on so many comedic artists of today… This is something that came out of Canada, that had a huge influence on North American comedy.”

SCTV ran from 1976 to 1984, and starred a veritable who’s who of comic legends. Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara, Dave Thomas, Martin Short and Rick Moranis all got their start on the series, and other than Moranis who retired several years ago, all of them will reunite on stage at Toronto’s Elgin Theatre on May 13th for a special in conversation taping for the documentary hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.  The late John Candy and Harold Ramis also got their start on the series, and will surely be remembered by their former cast mates.  


Scorsese is more widely known for his films such as Goodfella, Taxi Driver and Casino, but he has also directed several well received documentaries. At this point it’s not known what the final product will look like, but with the people involved, it’s sure to be not only interesting, but very funny.