Master The Popular No Makeup Trend Like A Beauty Guru

Photo: krml4 on Instagram 

While every makeup lover enjoys experimenting with brilliant shades, the allure of natural beauty is always a refreshing change from a fully painted visage. If you’re ready to showcase glowing skin and pale pink lips, you’re in luck- the no makeup look is currently en vogue. With gorgeous stars like Alicia Keys proudly sporting freshly scrubbed faces, there’s no denying that this Hollywood trend has starting to go mainstream.

For anyone who works long hours or enjoys late nights, it’s certainly a challenge to embrace the makeup-free look. After all, the dreaded look of dark undereye circles, patchy skin and blemishes is enough to encourage anyone to dip into their beauty arsenal. While painting on bright red lips and adding winged liner may stun in the evening hours, concealer and a single coat of mascara carry much merit during the day.

Photo: jentiosecomakeup on Instagram 

To truly master 2017’s no makeup trend, start by preparing your skin. Use a lightweight liquid foundation and a cream-based concealer to disguise the look of imperfect skin, and apply powder highlighter to your cheekbones. Next, use lash curling mascara in a dark brown shade in order to emphasize your luxurious eyelashes. Emphasize your cheeks with rosy pink blush, fill in your waterline with brown eye pencil and fill in your pout with ballet slipper pink blush.

Photo: blushingbeautymakeup on Instagram 

If you prefer a more glamorous take on the trend, use pink powder eyeshadow and a single thin line of liquid liner to bring your eyes to life. With the no makeup look, the trick is to flatter to your natural skin tones and to avoid any garish hues. After all, that neon blue eyeliner is probably best left to another day, along with the flawless contouring which can offer an unnatural look.

As long as you exfoliate and cleanse your visage at the end of the night, achieving the necessary beautiful skin for this look is entirely possible. It certainly seems that 2017 is set to be the year of fuss-free beauty- which just may be a welcome change for makeup mavens everywhere!