Master Winter’s Graphic Eyeliner Trend At Home

Photo: glorayuk on Instagram 

With graphic liner making a splash on the Fall/Winter 2016 runways, it’s no surprise that bold eyes are slated to dominate in 2017. As we prepare to welcome the New Year, embracing graphic liner can easily brighten your eyelids and bring an edgy, funky look to your visage. For those who are bored of the classic cat eye and looking for a vampy new upgrade on their usual eyeliner, the trend of graphic eyelids just may be worth a shot.

On Instagram, graphic liner is leaving a mark among beauty lovers, who are transforming their eyes with vivid streaks of coloured liner. From turquoise and baby blue to glittery, defined lines of purple, there’s no denying the eclectic look of this trend.

If you are planning to embrace graphic eyes, look no further than multicoloured rainbow lids, accessorized with long luscious lashes and soft pink pouts. The look of a neutral, soft lip colour balanced out your graphic eyes and keeps your beauty look under control. Meanwhile, wide, vibrant strokes of pastel liner can immediately refresh your understated makeup look.

Before you jump headfirst into this reigning fad of zig-zag liner and artistic sweeps of eye makeup, look no further than these striking examples of the trend.

Photo: cathvictoriamakeup on Instagram 

Photo: rosalinanadine on Instagram 

Photo: glowawaymeg on Instagram