MC Lyte Announces Her Engagement

Back in January, we reported that MC Lyte had a man that she thought she was gon love forever.

She introduced her boo thang, John, to the world via an Instagram post.

What can I say, except thank you Lord!! It’s been a long time, this singe life, and I thank you all for your prayers and kind words of hope. God has sent me true love. For all of you waiting on LOVE- don’t give up – keep God first and he will see that you meet your match. #godisall

A post shared by mclyte (@mclyte) on Jan 21, 2017 at 8:12am PST

And it seems like her hunch was right. Because, just a few months later, the two are engaged.

MC Lyte shared the news during a recent sit down with Essence. And they had a couple of questions.

What got you to the place where you were ready for love?

Just being alone, being single in Los Angeles, California. That is a hard thing to do for a Black woman, to date and it be authentic and true. So I think when you’re present and you’re aware, it opens you up. And I found my fiance online.

On her journey

“Had I had it to do all over again, I probably would have built the foundation for a strong relationship first, prior to MC Lyte. Getting whisked away with all that MC Lyte is, it took me away from the reality of important it is to have a significant other. So I would just advise all of the women who have their paper straight and not the man, to start paying attention to that. And vice versa.”

Advice to other women

Bring the best you and to work on yourself continuously. And then also to be open. There’s so much baggage we bring from other relationships.

When did she know he was the one?

It was one day while we were talking and I kind of looked in his eyes and I was like ‘Oh my God, so much honesty and truth in his eyes.’ My biggest thing with dating ever was the ability to be open and I can totally just let go with him.

What does she love about him?

I love his laugh, I love his candor and I love his eyes. His eyes I feel like I could look into them for an eternity.

You can watch the video announcement below.

Congratulations to both she and John!