Mel B Shares Eddie Murphy Is The “Love Of Her Life” Even After “Spectacularly” Dumping Her In New Book

mel b shares details about past relationships in brutally honest

Source: Gregg DeGuire / Getty

Melanie “Mel B” Brown, formerly known as “Scary Spice” of UK pop phenomenon The Spice Girls is bringing nothing but flavor and unsettling truth in her latest endeavor. The 43-year-old is serving up plenty of little known details about her life, loves and career in her upcoming memoir Brutally Honest. The entertainer shares some insight about her past relationships which involve a difficult break up with comedian Eddie Murphy while she was pregnant with their daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown as well as a tumultuous divorce that ended a 10-year marriage with Stephen Belafonte.

The Sun reports that Brown learned that her relationship with Murphy had ended from a television interview the comedian did at the time after what she thought was a small disagreement over their living situation. The pair met at a dinner party and had instant chemistry with Brown referring to their courtship and sex life as two “excitable kids”:

“Eddie is old-fashioned. He was constantly telling me to slow down.”

“It was like poetry, every touch, every kiss, every sense was out of this world. We were completely besotted with each other.”

After several months, Murphy even asked Mel B’s mother if he could have her daughter’s hand in marriage and Brown designed a custom Cartier engagement ring. But things took a turn for the worst when Brown became pregnant and suggested to Murphy that the couple should seek a separate home for their new family separate from the one they were currently sharing with Murphy’s large family and staff. Eddie disagreed which set off a number of arguments for the couple. Eventually Brown hit the Coming To America star with an ultimatum flying back to Leeds with her 7-year-old daughter (from a previous relationship) and ignoring his calls:

“I told Eddie, ‘I need a break for a few days. I need time to think.’ ‘Are you insane?’ he said. ‘What do you need to think about?’”

It was on a flight back to the states she learned that Murphy revealed to a television reporter he had washed his hands of the situation and on top of that was requesting a paternity test. She confronted the comedian when she returned letting him know that the insinuation that she was a “gold-digger” who wasn’t sure of her child’s paternity was unforgivable:

“He said, ‘Well, you left me.’ He sounded cold. I explained I hadn’t, then said, ‘I’m going to have to leave you now as this is what you’ve done to me’. I was pregnant. Dumped in public and made to look like a complete and utter slut and gold digger. I wasn’t prepared for that tidal wave of vitriol crashing over me. I still can’t forget being heavily pregnant with Angel and dropping Phoenix to school and a man driving past yelling ‘Whore!’ at me in front of all those LA mums.”

Still despite all of the drama, Brown says Murphy is the love of her life:

“I‘d been madly in love with Eddie and I lost him. Eddie was and still is the love of my life. He’s a genuinely decent man. It’s like a love story where we both have different versions of why it ended.”

She also shares detailed accounts of her 10-year-marriage to Stephen Belafonte (whom she met while pregnant with Murphy’s child):

“Eddie had publicly dumped me, I’d just given birth to our daughter Angel, and suddenly, here was this man who found me attractive and said he wanted to look after me.”

Unfortunately the marriage ended up in a messy divorce filled with extortion, blackmail and financial and physical abuse allegations. Murphy shares Belafonte filmed her in forced threesomes that he filmed while she was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. She says Belafonte took advantage of her at a low point in her life:

“I became a woman who didn’t have her own computer, didn’t drive herself, didn’t know her bank details, didn’t make decisions.”

She states that when she finally walked away, she had less than $1000 in the bank:

“I walked away with nothing but $936 in a bank account and suitcases full of clothes, books and toys. I didn’t care. I was happy. My kids were happy. Finally, after ten years, I was free.”

Brown says she hopes her story serves as a cautionary tale to any other woman who may come across Belafonte or men like him:

“I don’t think any other woman could have survived it the way that I did. So I’m glad the book will expose him for the next woman he’s trying to woo. This is a bad, twisted person who’s going to prey on a woman’s vulnerability, openness or happiness and just crush every part of it.”

All I can say is…wow. Mel B has been through some things and doesn’t look like anything she has survived. Brutally Honest is set to hit bookstores by the end of November.