Michael Eric Dyson’s Appearance On “The Breakfast Club” Was Inspiring, Enlightening & A Celebration of Black Women

The Knowles and the Celebration of Black Women

When Charlamagne asked Dyson why he dedicated his book to the Knowles women, he expressed his love for that family I’m on the Beehive

“I’m on the Beehive. Girl, I am henpecked like a big dog. What did you say Queen? What are my marching orders?” But he went beyond that in his celebration of Black women period.

“No disrespect to the Kardashians. But got dang it, I’m tired. If we gon’ celebrate…I’m tried of women who are being celebrated without acknowledging the incredible durability, genius and creativity of what Black women have done. So I wanted to choose this trio of transformative women to celebrate and uplift what they have done. Their commitment to our people, their commitment to our world, their humanitarian and entrepreneurial efforts and their fundamental gut bucket love, unapologetically for the people from whose wombs they emerged.

I think Black women need to be celebrated and elevated. I love Hip Hop but I’m tired of

Start being respectful to Black women.”

Thank God!

You can watch the full interview in the video below.

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