Michaela Coel Got Into Yoga For A Hilarious Reason, And It Has To Do With Being Sexually Independent Of Men

Michaela Coel


If you follow writer and funny lady Michaela Coel for more than just her popular comedy Chewing Gum on Netflix, then you probably have already noticed that she’s in great shape. The newly-minted 30-year-old enjoys being active and decided to go vegan last year, so those choices (and great genes) are likely the reason for that. But a few months ago the beauty decided to tackle a new mode of fitness to better herself in ways that go much deeper than the physical or the emotional. She joked on Instagram late last week that she wanted to train her body to be so flexible that she wouldn’t require the services of a man — or as she put it, “you dutty trashbag mandem.”

She shared a time-lapsed video of herself doing yoga over the span of five days, sharing that she’d only started her yoga practice three or so months ago. In each clip we see her trying to execute different transitions and poses, and for a newbie she’s actually pretty good. Check out her caption and her moves:

I read recently that only 2% of Black Americans do yoga. I don’t know the percentage for the U.K but I know that Yoga originates from land where brown people live pray meditate and bask in their melanin so I decided to get on board. Here; 5 days of yoga ranging from levels of shit to less shit. The end game .. be flexible enough to lick my own box and be completely independent of you dutty trashbag mandem. ??‍♂️. Songs: Erykah Badu | Common -Love of my Life. Teedra Moses | Kaytranada – Be Your Girl (remix) Syd – Body. P.S I’m not barefoot coz I used Footner (Google) now you know what that is then I need say no more.. PPS. This is 5 days after having gotten back into this 3 or so months ago. It’s good mental health security peace and happiness

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While we haven’t heard of anybody gaining enough flexibility to take care of their own sexual needs (excuse me while I chuckle), a study from Colorado State University in 2013 found that with Bikram yoga, a form of the practice where postures are held in a heated room, there was a link to increased shoulder, hamstring and lower back flexibility. So while we won’t try her “end game” at home, good luck to one of our faves on reaching her goal — literally.