MN’s Favorite Things Of 2016: Skinny Girl In Transit

If you ask me to watch a web series, chances are, I’m not going to do it. I’m just being honest. As someone who spends a majority of the day online, I value being logged off. So when someone tells me to get on YouTube to watch 10, 15, 20-minute episodes of shows, I’m always like, “Will do!” on the outside, but “Hard pass…” on the inside. The only series I could get into have been Awkward Black Girl, which was years ago, and an African City. But after my niece started playing the show on Thanksgiving, Skinny Girl in Transit has become my new obsession.

The series, executive produced by Lola Odedina, Pascal Or and Folu Ogunkeye, is about the endearing and hilarious Tiwa, played by Abimbola Craig. When we first meet her, she’s a late twentysomething struggling with a broken heart, a few extra pounds than she’d like, a critical baby sister, and a mother who just won’t be happy until she finds a husband. As the series goes on, we watch her try and drop those pounds (hence the series title), all while meeting and dealing with different suitors in the effort to get over her ex.

Not only is the series hilarious (Tiwa’s mother, played by Ngozi Nwosu, will leave you in stitches), but it’s shot very well. There is a lot of color, great style, and a whole lot of eye candy. Tiwa has quite the pick of the litter in all three seasons.

#SGIT Season 3 Episode 1 drops tomorrow ?? #omg going through all types of emotions right now!! Here is hoping you guys like/love it. @ndanitv @avariberry #sgit3 #ndanitv #romcom #workedwithamazingpeople

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And even though the show is set in Lagos, Nigeria, Yoruba is spoken at times, and there’s a mix of pidgin and a little bit of slang you may have to look up to get, it’s very relatable. Who hasn’t made weight loss goals and then put them on the backburner much faster than expected? Who doesn’t have that one relative (or whole family) bugging you about your love life or lack thereof? Who hasn’t dealt with the ex who started coming back around when you found someone new and better? And don’t forget about the shady co-worker who is trying to undermine you at every turn. While we are all different, obviously, the experience of women, no matter where they are located, is oh so familiar if you haven’t done what others say you should have accomplished by a certain age.

And as is the case with web series, episodes aren’t too long to leave you bored, but just short enough to leave you feeling some type of way when one ends right at a particularly juicy moment (like when Tiwa’s ex and new boo have a less than pleasant encounter at her front door). Season 1 episodes are pretty quick (you will get through that season in like an hour and change), while 2 and 3 are, thankfully, more than 20 minutes.

So, if you’re looking for something to really get into now that Insecure and Atlanta are finished until late next year, Skinny Girl in Transit will become one of your new favorites. Plus, it’s a great way for people to get a glimpse into Nigerian culture that doesn’t have to do with stereotypes or the dramatic antics of Nollywood movies (which I love, by the way). Check out episode one from Season 1 to get started.

Images via Ndani.TV