Mother Almost Loses Feet After Wearing Popular Footwear

It’s pretty common to get excited about a new purchase. Whether it’s something big like a new car, or something small like a new pair of shoes, most of us can’t wait to put our new purchases to use. But when a woman from Mississippi wore her new sandals for the first time, things didn’t quite go as planned.

Jessica’s Story

Jessica Jones from Mississippi experienced a severe allergic reaction after wearing a new pair of sandals she bought. When Jessicanoticed that her ankles were swollen and purple, she went to the doctor thinking it might be a spider bite. Her doctor diagnosed with her cellulitis, gave her some antibiotics and sent her home. She woke up the next day to painful blisters all over her feet.

Jessica went to the emergency room where doctors diagnosed her with bullous pemphigoid, a rare skin condition related to an autoimmune disorder. She was given steroid cream and pain pills and once again, she was sent home.

As the blisters continued to grow, Jessica saw more doctors. Each gave her a different diagnoses, from a photo sensitivity rash to systemic lupus erythematosus. None of the medications Jessica was given helped to subdue her pain. After two weeks, Jessica called 911 and she was rushed to Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans.

A doctor at the Ochsner Hospital finally figured out what was going on. He asked Jessica if she had worn new shoes in the past few weeks. Jessica said she had. The doctor explained that her new leather sandals had caused a chemical burn.

Jessica’s blisters got so bad she thought she may lose her feet. She is sharing her story to make sure no one else goes through the painful experience she did.

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