Mother Leaves THIS Heartbreaking Note Before Killing Son & Herself

Before ending her life, Sheri Shermeyer left a long, angry Facebook message to her husband. The 40-year-old Pennsylvania mom suffocated her 12-month-old son, then shot herself. Their bodies were found in their home found the day after Christmas. The 600-word Facebook post she left behind gives us a look into her state of depression.

Sheri’s Letter

Sheri wrote, “I want you to know that I LOVE [my son] more than anything in the world… I always thought of myself to be a strong person. I’ve been through Hell and back and still had a smile. I’ve lost too many people; family, friends, pets, jobs etc. But as of late I don’t feel so strong.”

The Facebook post continues, “I have been slowly dying inside. I’m confused, just torn down, hardly ever go out in public anymore, don’t socialize with people. I’ve become a hermit. I feel that the ONLY thing I have to live for is this little guy asleep in my arms right now, John. He is the only reason why I haven’t blown my head off right now. And even now, all I can think about is leaving this world. Putting a gun in my mouth and leaving. Which is what is going to happen.”

Sheri’s friends, family members and neighbors were shocked as they read her post and learned about the death of Sheri and her son. Her feelings hidden from even the people she was closest to.

Daily Mail

Sheri wrote, “I’m tired of being a single parent in a two parent home. I’m tired of trying to hold someone accountable for their actions or should say empty promises. I’m tired of being told the grass is greener somewhere else, tired of being physically ignored, tired of being emotionally abused, tired of not being able to eat or sleep, tired of the stress, tired of the headaches, tired of it all.”

Sheri continues the Facebook post by addressing her husband directly.

“I thought that love would be enough, but it’s not. Love is not enough, not for you. You are not capable or having someone love you. You insist on destroying everything good. You talk about how you’re the whipping post, think again. Look how I get treated. It’s easy for you to lash out at me because I’m here and that is what you do, all the time.”

Daily Mail

The post continues, “You will never see your son again. You don’t deserve to have a son, to have a legacy. As of late, you are hateful, ugly and downright mean… So, you can have the single life back, that you throw in my face so often; since you seemed to be so happy being a stumbling drunk. You can have all the pill popping, smoking and drinking you want. You can do all that without me and John.”

Sheri explains in the post why she chose to write her letter on social media. “Why am I putting this on social media for all to see? Because this seems to be the only way you will listen or see it.”

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