Mother’s Day Music: Andre 3000 Releases Two New Tracks For Mother’s Day

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For someone who has lost their mother, Mother’s Day can take you to a sunken place. Andre 3000, who buried his mother Sharon Benjamin-Hodo five years ago, decided to channel his pain into two new tracks, “MeMy (To Bury Your Parents) and “Look Ma No Hands.”

On “MeMy,” Three Stacks paints a vivid picture of riding shotgun with his mother and his father and reminisces about the laughs and happier times when he was a kid. Instead of rapping, he sang and played the bass and clarinet. This song was written before his parents died, but recorded three years ago after they both passed away, according to Pitchfork.

On “Look Ma No Hands,” Mr. Benjamin decides to put the microphone down and play the bass and clarinet only on this 17-minute instrumental that also features James Blake on the piano.

On his newly opened Instagram account, he not only revealed his new music, but he shared old text messages with his mother that she sent him on his birthday in 2013. These were the last messages she sent him. She died the day after his birthday that year.

Mother’s Day Music from André 3000 Link in bio

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Lend your ear to the new tracks below.