“My Integrity Is On The Line And I Know That.” Ayesha Curry Talks Balancing Roles As Chef and Business Woman

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She may be a basketball wife, but Ayesha Curry is more interested in serving the meals than gossiping over them. The wife of NBA star Steph Curry, mother to two beautiful girls Ryan and Riley, and entrepreneur recently sat down with Forbes to discuss her latest endeavors as well as her growth as a business woman.

How does Curry, also one of the latest official CoverGirls, maintain being easy and breezy in the middle of what can sometime be a busy, demanding life? Curry reveals she recently found solace through meditation and flipping through the pages of Don Ruiz (The Four Agreements). After recently being compared to Martha Stewart, she reveals that she wants her brand to have appeal to ALL people and not just those in her own demographic:

“I don’t want to be just a lifestyle guru for the millennials. I want to cater to all markets, which I think I’m doing – I met people from all walks of life at the book signing.”

Since dropping her New York Times best-selling cookbook, The Seasoned Life, about a year ago, Curry has conquered one project after another. She stars on the Food Network’s Ayesha’s Home Kitchen as well as recently launching a line of cook wear at Target that will include stoneware, bake ware and cutlery among other things. However the one project that literally gave the 28-year-old Canadian-American “work” is Homemade, her brand new meal-kit delivery service. The chef who is famous for everything from ham and cheese waffles to marinating chicken in pickle juice says the project brought out her inner business woman and was one of the first times she was driven to truly have her voice heard:

“Creating these meal-kits – it’s the dirtiest I’ve ever had to get my hands, the most I’ve ever had to ever put my foot down and really voice the way I’m feeling. It’s the first time I’ve put myself out there where I can’t control every factor. My integrity is on the line and I know that, so for me, that’s been the biggest hurdle and strength builder that I’ve had. It’s definitely changed who I am as a business woman.”

Curry makes it clear that the endeavor isn’t just about her name and face being used to sell a product:

“This is me from the ground up and my team we’ve built. It’s been a whirlwind process. This is blood, sweat, and tears in a twelve by twelve box. The startup life is real.”

She shares her experience of launching a start-up and how much of her own creativity can be found in the product. Homemade started from childhood memories Curry had of her own family gathering in the kitchen to prepare and share meals.She hopes to bring back that tradition which she feels is a lost art in today’s society. The meals even feature fun, but healthy choices for kids including flax seed chicken tenders and vegan mac and cheese.

She also found success in 2016 with her pop-up restaurant “International Smoke” and is partnering with Michael Mina to open an official restaurant inside of San Francisco’s Millennium Tower.

Curry has come a long way from selling bottles of olive oil on her blog. After spreading the word through social media a few years ago, Curry found herself at the tipping point of her career while wrapping and shipping bottles from her living room after receiving over 200 orders in 48 hours. We’re pretty sure she can afford to hire some employees for that now.

You can listen to Omaid Homayoun’s full interview with Curry here.

What’s your favorite Ayesha Curry recipe? We hear Papa Alexander’s Meatloaf is a favorite.