Nanaimo, British Columbia Is A Beautiful Canadian Coastal Getaway


Photo: tourismnanaimo on Instagram

For Canucks who are looking for a tranquil summertime escape from everyday working life, a visit to Nanaimo, British Columbia may be a perfect vacation solution. As a quaint hotspot located on Vancouver Island, Nanaimo is home to the iconic Nanaimo bar dessert and is also known as the “Harbour City.” Whether you’re on a quest for the city’s signature treat or in the mood for rest and relaxation, here are a few ways to make the most of your trip.

Sip a Nanaimo bar cocktail at the Grand Hotel Nanaimo: Try kickstarting your summer holiday with a themed drink to satisfy your sweet tooth and embrace local flavours. The Grand Hotel is known for mixing a special Nanaimo Bar cocktail, which is said to include triple distilled chocolate vodka. Meanwhile, the hotel itself is set in picturesque North Nanaimo, and offers afternoon tea service as well as a traditional Sunday brunch.

Soak up the natural beauty of the Englishman River Falls Provincial Park: If you prefer the great outdoors to sipping drinks in a luxurious setting, this provincial park is a 97 hectare area with over 100 camping sites. Englishman River Falls Provincial Park is located alongside the Englishman River, just north of Nanaimo. It is said to be filled with trees of every variety, from Douglas fir to cedar and maple. Visitors can embrace nature photography, take a relaxing swim or explore the hiking trails.

Watch the sunrise at Sugarloaf Mountain Park: Overlooking Departure Bay, this local park is said to be another breathtaking outdoor space. If you’re an early bird who loves to rise with the sun, try awaking at the crack of down for a glimpse of the legendary sunrise. Meanwhile, trails and scenic views also create a picturesque setting for anyone looking for a respite.


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Enjoy rock climbing at the Nanaimo River: With a canyon, a bungee jumping site and a rock climbing area, Nanaimo River is truly for the Canadian thrill seeker. The river itself is surrounded by Douglas fir trees, with a forest which is perfect for the nature enthusiast. The local Nanaimo River Regional Park includes designated areas for picnics, fishing and mountain biking. With wildlife in the southeastern portion of the park, local critters also call this space home and can be spotted in their natural habitat.