Nas Deflects From Kelis’s Abuse Claims With Six-Year-Old Photo Of Their Son

Nas Kelis


Last week, singer Kelis spoke for the first time publicly about her relationship with rapper Nas when they were married, and post-marriage as co-parents. The 38-year-old singer and chef revealed that their marriage had been abusive at times, and if it weren’t for getting pregnant with their son, Knight, she probably wouldn’t have left him in 2009.

“It was dark. It was really dark,” she told Hollywood Unlocked. “There was a lot of drinking. A lot of mental and physical abuse and it got to the point where … I think, God is so good. Because being pregnant, I probably would have stayed longer had I not been pregnant.”

She also painted a less than positive picture of the 44-year-old rapper in terms of the type of parent he’s been. The two have been going through a custody battle since last year, with Nas wanting more time with his son and Kelis asking him to pay more to help financially. She claimed that he hadn’t paid child support consistently until 2016 and hasn’t been a consistent presence in Knight’s life.

“He started supporting where it was sort of consistent and where it became consistent, about two years ago,” she said. “My child is 8 and he’ll be 9 in July. So I didn’t get not a single cent until 2012.”

After a full weekend of conversation online with people either praising Kelis for telling her story or attempting to poke holes in it, Nas is finally speaking his piece. But he’s keeping it short and sweet and focusing on their child, as opposed to the abuse claims.

He shared a picture of himself with Knight at the child’s third birthday party saying, “This is what it’s all about”:

This is what it’s all about. Pure Peace Pure Love. Pure Happiness! ❤️ #tb #fathersandsons

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While I respect the idea that he’s trying to say that his focus is on Knight, as it should be, I do find it interesting that Nas used this particular photo of his son.

For one, the image is not very clear, which makes you question whether or not it was really in his possession or if he just pulled it from the Internet. The original photos were used in stories written about Knight’s birthday party in 2012, and reportedly came from his daughter Destiny’s Twitter page. Not to mention, as previously stated, this is a photo from his third birthday. Knight is about to be nine. It’s not a personal photo from time they’ve spent together, an image from his birth (if you’re going to go the old pic route), or anything recent.

I mention all of this to say, if he’s trying to refute any claims or opinions about the type of father he is, of all the images to share, this one doesn’t really help. But then again, it’s not the public whom he needs to convince, it’s the judge in their custody case — and Knight.