Netflix Releases First Lost In Space Trailer

The original Lost In Space ran for three seasons between 1965 to 1968, and it followed the adventures of the Robinson family and a hotshot pilot as they attempted to make their way home after their spaceship is sent off course by a stowaway. A terrible attempt at making a film franchise starring William Hurt, Gary Oldman and Matt LeBlanc was released in 1998, but thankfully it never got a sequel. Now Netflix is looking to revive the series, and the first full-length trailer for Netflix’s Lost in Space is here.

By the looks of things, Netflix is doing the remake the way it should be done, in that it looks fairly well removed from the original. Dr. Smith is now a woman, the iconic robot is now more humanoid looking and appears to be alien in nature and possibly untrustworthy, and the series looks to be more science fiction and action than comedy. One thing they did keep though was the robot’s classic line of “Danger Will Robinson.”

In the trailer you catch a glimpse of the planet where the Robinson family are stranded, and the peril the family are in, but keep in mind that the series is still supposed to be family friendly. It also still follows the story of the Robinsons, but in this case they are one of hundreds of families who have been chosen for a colonization mission. Soon after launch however thing start to go wrong, and they are sent way off course, and crash land on an Earth-type planet where they are forced to survive on their own. 

Lost In Space premieres on Netflix on April 13.