New Musical Memoirs For The Music Junkie

To say that the secret lives of musicians are a source of intrigue and fascination among fans would be an understatement. Adoring followers often devote a great deal of time and energy into trying to uncover personal details about their favourite band or singer. Needless to say, when musicians release memoirs that willingly divulge said information, those books frequently go on to become best sellers. This fall, a number of big names in music will be releasing books that will give fans a coveted inside look at their lives off-stage. We’ve rounded up some of the most exciting musical memoirs coming out this season.

Photo: eze_lynch_2 on Instagram

Love him or hate him, Phil Collins has solidified his spot in pop culture history. From his iconic debut In The Air Tonight to the Grammy-winning Another Day in Paradise, Collins’ songs have become as symbolic of the ’80s  as leg warmers and the boom box. This month, Britain’s most famous drummer will release his first autobiography, Not Dead Yet: The Memoir. The book will detail the musician’s journey from child actor to Genesis drummer to the infamous solo artist we know today. Not Dead Yet: The Memoir recently the shelves on October 25.

Even if you’re not a fan of One Direction, you’ve likely heard of the mass panic that erupted when Zayn Malik, one of five members, left the band during the peak of its success. After laying low for several months, Zayn Malik became ZAYN, signed with RCA Records and released his first solo album entitled “Mind of Mine.” Malik has been relatively quiet about what that mind blowing year was like – until now. On November 1st, the sultry crooner will release the self-titled ZAYN, a book that serves as a photographic journey and collection of thoughts that will give fans an all access pass into the next chapter of the pop star. ZAYN was just released on November 1.

For a British singer, there is no greater honour than being knighted for services to music. For Tom Jones – Sir Tom Jones, that is – being knighted is just one of the many distinctions bestowed upon the Welsh singer, who has also been awarded a Grammy, two Brit Awards, and a Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Jones is also an infamous adulterer, whose countless infidelities have led to a scandal or two over the years. With a life as packed as Jones’, we can only imagine the kind of stories that will appear in the paperback release of Jones’s autobiography. Over the Top and Back: The Autobiography was just released on November 1.

When it comes to rock bands, very few have stood the test of time as well as The Band. Known for hits like The Weight that will go down in rock history, The Band’s prestige has reached almost mythical status. On the fortieth anniversary of their iconic The Last Waltz concert, Robbie Robertson, the band’s lead guitarist, will release a memoir that is sure to excite classic rock fans across the globe. In the highly anticipated Testimony, Robertson will divulge stories from his childhood in Canada, the band’s formation, its golden years, and its amicable separation. Testimony hits the shelves on November 15.