Nia Riley Shuts Down Rumors Her Fight With Soulja Boy Were Staged: “I’m Not An Actress”

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‘Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop’ reality star Nia Riley is dismissing rumors that she and Soulja Boy faked their disturbing fight on a recent episode of the show.

We previously reported, the cast members were woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of Nia screaming while involved in an altercation with her estranged boyfriend, Soulja Boy.

“Get out! Get the f*ck off of me!” Nia can be heard yelling as she kicked Soulja Boy away from her.

Tammy Rivera, who woke from her sleep to the outcry, said in a testimonial in reaction to the attack:

“We in this together, so I was ready to beat Soulja a** if I had to.”

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When accusations flared that Soulja and Nia faked the moment for ratings, Nia took to Twitter to reveal she would never feign domestic violence for TV.

“I would never fake any form of an abusive relationship on TV. I’m not an actress and that sh*t is NOT cute. He was not concerned about a damn phone. He was mad af I was talking to him how he talks to me and tried to attack me then remembered them cameras were there.”