Nicki Minaj Apologizes To Fans For Abrupt Retirement Tweet

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The Barbs have been in shambles since Nicki Minaj announced on Twitter that she was leaving the music industry in order to start a family.

In a now deleted tweet, Nicki upset fans yesterday afternoon that she proclaimed she was leaving the rap game for good.

“I’ve decided to retire and have my family. I know you guys are happy now. To my fans, keep repping me, do it til da death of me, X in the box–cuz ain’t nobody checking me. Love your for life,” she wrote.

The reveal caught many of her millions of fans off guard, as they took to the platform to express their hurt.

One lucky fan caught the attention of Nicki, when she wrote to the star, “Can u please just address this retirement thing. You e never left us so hurt your entire career. We’re just hurting Nicki ? it’s US it’s the barbz plz…”

“I’m still right here,” she said.

“Still madly in love with you guys you know that. In hindsight, this should’ve been a Queen Radio discussion it will be. I promise u guys will be happy. No guests, just us talking about everything. The tweet was abrupt insensitive, I apologize babe.”

In the months leading up to Nicki’s announcement, the Queen’s native told fans she was planning to start a family and wed before her next album dropped. Nicki has been public with her soon-to-be husband since 2018, despite backlash from fans about her boo’s criminal past. Nicki insists that this relationship has been healthy and loving for her, and recently took to Twitter to tell women to stay away from toxic connections based on her prior relationships.

“I rlly used to think love had to hurt. So I could never look down on anyone else. We are merely human. It’s not easy to leave. Especially in the world of IG where all ppl want to do is post relationship goal pics for clout attention. A man should make you feel safe, not afraid,” she said on Twitter.