Nicki Minaj Declines To Perform For Fans After Learning Chinese Music Festival Is A Sham

nicki minaj declines performance at sham festival

Source: Jeff Kravitz / Getty

Nicki Minaj is promising to return back to China in the future after learning that a festival she was scheduled to headline was possibly fraudulent.

Page Six reports the “Chun-Li” artist traveled to Shanghai to perform a 90-minute set at the Djakarta Warehouse Project China festival on Sunday. But when a crowd of only 1000 fans showed up, her team suspected something wasn’t quite right. Organizers claimed the two-day festival was supposed to be a spin-off of the annual Djakarta Warehouse Project which takes place in Bali, Indonesia. However, days before it was set to take place, the company behind the Indonesian festival claimed the use of their branding was “unauthorized.”

In a statement, DWP International stated they had no ties to the festival Minaj was reportedly paid $3 million to perform at in front of a crowd of at least 8,000 attendees:

“The event rumored to take place in Shanghai on 17th 18th of November 2018 is an unauthorized use of DWP trademark.”

“DWP as a brand, has no association with the event.”

A few fans who paid as high as $500 for tickets showed up, but unfortunately the Young Money artist declined to perform for them, although she promised she’d return in the future as captured in a video by a fan:

“I’ll be back you guys for my real fans, in Shanghai, in China. I love you so much.”

“And I’ll be back with a better partner this time, okay?”

This sounds a lot like that Fyre Festival fiasco that Ja Rule was behind last year. Proceed with caution when purchasing tickets to these festivals, folks. Credibility may only be a Google search away.