Nicole Ari Parker Talks New Fitness App ‘KOFIT’ And Upcoming Role On ‘Empire’

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Exercising is something that many people want to do but claim they do not have time for. Whether you are a busy parent or someone that works long hours, exercising is difficult to fit into your schedule. Nicole Ari Parker and her husband Boris Kodjoe are here to show you that it is not impossible with their new fitness app, KOFIT.

KOFIT is equipped with workouts for every age and every kind of schedule. The app consists of workouts that last five minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes that you can do from your home or anywhere you’d like. Each video shows Kodjoe, Parker and even their children working out in their house, backyard or the nearby park.

“We are the first app that taps into the realness of real time and real people’s mindset about making [fitness] their last priority on their list,” Parker told me over the phone. “We are inspiring people to find a way to get it in and fit it in and really not breaking the bank or breaking their schedule. Everybody has five minutes.” 

While working on this app, Parker said it was important to her and her husband to ensure that it was not only relatable and easy to maneuver but also make it personal. When you watch her and her family exercise you can see it is not a major production. Nicole isn’t even glammed up. They are at home, in their own workout clothes or pajamas fitting a sweat session into their jam-packed day.

It was also essential that this app appeal to the people with disabilities and of all ages.

“We know that exercise needs to be adaptive and inclusive,” she said. “So we have chair workouts.”

She said in a recent shoot she did for the app, she included some of the app’s users to create a diverse cast. Working out beside her was her daughter Sophie who was diagnosed with spina bifida and even a 77-year-old woman as well of people who have struggled with obesity.

The Baltimore native wanted to include her children in her workouts to not only model what it is to have a healthy lifestyle but to also encourage families to use exercising as a way to bond.

“Families connect over dinner, homework and fitness is usually the last one. We are all on our phones. Everyone’s on their phones or laptops all day. So these five minutes are a way to jump up and down and literally laugh with your children. It’s been a joyful family connection time. 

Parker, 48, also feels that it is essential to motivate children to workout in order to help combat health issues related to a lack of activity and poor eating habits.

“If you know anything about the public school system in this country you know that [physical education] is getting the short end of the stick in terms of budgets. Then we are dealing with high rates of obesity in our children at a young age, diabetes at a younger age…One of our long term goals is to get more children active in a way that they feel comfortable.

KOFIT is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store and only costs $10 a month.

In between working on her KOFIT app, Parker has been busy filming the last season of FOX”s Empire. At first, she was offered a guest starring role as the wife of Eddie Barker, played by Forest Whitaker, Giselle Barker on season four and by season five she was a regular. When she was offered the role, she didn’t think twice about saying yes.

“It wasn’t a question. I said yes right away. I’m just happy to be a apart of a history making television show.”

FOX's Empire - Season Five

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When we spoke she was filming episode four so she couldn’t offer any details but did say fans can look forward to a 20-episode season.

Her former co-star Jussie Smollett was booted from the show after being accused of staging a hate crime which led to him being a fatality of the cancel culture, a concept that Parker sees as “ancient.”

“The whole public stoning of people who violated the tribe or embarrassed the nation…It’s mob mentality and it’s always been a part of humanity since we’ve been here,” she said. “I think the digital brainwashing that we are all a part of makes it easier to do without any consequences. We can throw stones digitally and never feel it. That’s what makes it so severe and disturbing. I have to remember who I am and what I put out into the world will come back to me. So I check myself daily on who I cancel and send them compassion instead. I send Jussie compassion. That’s not going to hurt anybody.” 

Empire will premiere on September  24th, 2019 at 9:00 p.m.