Nurses Face Charges After Posting Inappropriate Baby Pictures On Social Media

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Two Navy staffers have been removed from duty after videos/images went viral showing them using a newborn baby as props for their own sick pleasure. (scroll down for video)

Occurring at Naval Hospital Jacksonville in Florida, the video shows what has now been confirmed as a Navy corpsmen holding the newborn up—allegedly having only been out of the womb for a few hours—and moving his arms to the beat of the popular rap song “In Da Club” by 50 Cent.

In a separate image, a baby—unclear if it is the same one—is shown lying down on a sheet with someone’s hand close up to the lens holding their middle finger out, the caption reading, “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.”

The photos and video quickly went viral, garnering views just as quickly as it garnered anger from the public.

Officials at the Naval Hospital quickly released a statement on the matter:

“We are aware of the inappropriate video and photos and can confirm they are hospital corpsmen, not nurses, but we are unable to confirm their names or tenure in light of the ongoing investigation. 

“The individuals have been removed from patient care, meaning they will not be providing direct patient care. 

“We are also contacting patients to address any questions or concerns they may have. This type of behavior is incompatible with the Navy’s core values of honor, courage and commitment, as well as medical ethics. 

“It also does not reflect the commitment Navy Medicine has to provide the best care our nation can offer to those who serve as well as their families. 

“An investigation is underway. Once the investigation is complete, appropriate actions will be taken.”

Some reactions from the public include references to the legality of publicly posting a patients’ face without consent:

You Can Watch the Disturbing Video Here:


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