Offensive Ways Gyms Get Your Business

The business of health can be a bit awkward. It’s easy to forget that doctors, dentists and just about any other professional whose job is to keep you alive and healthy still needs to make a living. Your gynecologist or dental hygienist may not be too pushy about getting you in for a visit because, well, they’re making bank either way. But gyms and their employees rely on selling those packages, signing those new members and getting butts in their cycling classes in order to be profitable. That’s why gyms—places that should make you feel welcome and encouraged—can sometimes feel intimidating, frightening, and downright insulting. Some gyms, rather than applaud you for even making the effort of showing up, humiliate you into showing up more, or even frighten you into buying more. Here are offensive ways gyms get your business.

Telling you you’re worth it

You’re worth a hot body. You’re worth attention. You’re worth this $130 a month gym membership. When gyms use this language, they’re playing on reverse psychology. They’re essentially implying that if you don’t go for their program, that you do not believe you are worth much. But maybe going to the $30 a month gym and saving for a down payment on a house is your way of proving to yourself you’re worth something.