Oh No Baby! What Is You Doin? 10 Times Stars Got A Workout In Wearing Heels

exercising in heels


Image via Splash

If you can walk for hours in heels, kudos to you, because walking for 30 minutes in stilettos is tough for many people. But do you want to know what’s super impressive? Running in them. Walking on a treadmill in them. Playing tennis in them. We would never try such things (we value our ankles too much), but a number of stars have been active in heels. Take for example, Victoria Beckham, the inspiration for this post. She shared a photo of herself getting a morning run in (or at least a good photo op in) while wearing heels, and she made it look like nothing:

Morning run! x VB #ReebokxVictoriaBeckham

A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on Nov 9, 2017 at 4:01am PST

It probably looked like nothing because the 43-year-old has hit the treadmill in heels before:

It takes a lot of effort and balance to try exercising in heels, but the following famous folks have made it happen, whether for work or for play. From Beyoncé busting serious moves in stilettos, to Kate Middleton playing volleyball in wedges, these stars can do it all in heels.