Only Big Shemar Moore Fans Will Enjoy The Bounce Back

Sometimes movies really only have one things going for them when they are made. Sometimes it’s part of a franchise, sometimes it’s based on a popular TV show, comic book, or novel, and then there are times that it’s all about the person starring in it. The Bounce Back definitely falls into the latter category. 

The Bounce Back follows the story of Matthew Taylor (Shemar Moore), a popular relationship guru and best selling author. The irony of him educating people on how to find better relationships is that he’s single himself, and unable to hold down a steady relationship. That all changes however when he falls for Kristin Peralta (Nadine Velazquez), a licensed therapist who questions his methods. In order for it to work out however Matthew will have to start questioning his methods himself, and take a long hard look at his life and what he wants to get out of it. 

There’s no doubt Shemar Moore has a strong fan base. The popular former soap opera and Criminal Minds star is able to draw large crowds to his personal appearances, and really, this movie is for them. They will undoubtedly love every moment of the film, but for the rest of us, we’ll find ourselves checking our watches often and hoping the end of the film is near. Sure, there are moments you will laugh, and there are some moments that are touching, but most of the time the film drags along with a fairly unoriginal, predictable plot. Admittedly, Moore does have a certain charm to him that helps this movie be more than it is, but there is little to no chemistry between him and Velazquez, and you have a hard time believing they would ever be a couple. Some of the plot points are a little hard to believe as well, including the ending.

The Bounce Back will have an audience, but probably not a very large one. It will get more views when it comes to Netflix. Until then, save your money, unless of course you are a big Shemar Moore fan.