Orange Is the New Black Season 5 Gets A Premiere Date And A First Look Teaser

They’re back! We’ve known for awhile that Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) and the rest of the ladies of Litchfield would be returning for their fifth season sometime in the next few months, but we didn’t know exactly when. Netflix finally let the cat out of the bag yesterday though when they announced the season would be released on June 9th.

Like all of Netflix’s original programming, the fifth season of Orange is the New Black will be released all at once, so that means the weekend of June 9th there will be a lot of binge watching going on as people get caught up on all 13 new episodes. Netflix also released a short teaser of the upcoming episodes. Of course the 14 second trailer really doesn’t show much more than quick cuts of the main cast of characters, including Piper, Alex (Laura Prepon), Red (Kate Mulgrew), Taystee (Danielle Brooks), Gloria (Selenis Leyva), and Nicky (Natasha Lyonne). The one bit of the teaser though that does catch your attention is the very end when the camera is focused on Daya (Dascha Polanco), aiming a gun straight ahead. Fans of the series will recall that the season 4 finale ended with Daya aiming the weapon at Humphrey, one of the jail’s new, oppressive corrections officers during a prison riot after fellow inmate Poussey (Samira Wiley) was killed. You can watch the teaser below.