‘Outdaughtered’ Quintuplets Trash Their Hotel Room and Rip Up the Bible in Sneak Peek

A getaway gone wrong? In the Tuesday, January 3, episode of TLC’s unscripted series OutDaughtered, the Busby bunch decides it’s time to take a well-deserved vacation, but it seems as though such a venture is easier said than done!

In Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek, Danielle and Adam Busby — the parents of six, including the country’s only all-female quintuplets — and Danielle’s mother, Mimi, struggle to get the 20-month-old quints all settled in at the hotel. 

A pair of elevator rides and a decent amount of screaming later, the family finally arrives at their room, and the kids instantly begin wrecking havoc. Two of the tykes start licking their reflections in the mirror, and two others can be seen playing with the toilet. As Danielle remarks to the camera, “It’s like they’re in Candy Land.”

Things start to take an even crazier turn when one of the babies opens the nightstand drawer, gets a hold of the Bible and goes to town! Luckily, Adam notices this right away and tells her, “Hey, don’t you rip pages out of that Bible. No, ma’am.” 

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Possibly predicting the future, he reveals to the camera, “If the first thing they do when we get to our hotel room is start ripping up the Bible, we’re gonna have problems the rest of the weekend.”

Mimi, who seemingly did not book her own hotel room, and jokingly asked for the “maid’s quarter” for her to sleep in instead, is left on nighttime duty with all five of her baby granddaughters. To Mimi’s disappointment, the girls don’t quite seem ready for “night-night” when she is!

Watch the wild clip above. OutDaughtered airs on TLC Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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