Owner Opens Popular Brand Of Dog Food To Find It Infested With Bugs

Pets can quickly become part of the family, which means you want the best for them. The best toys, the best treats, the best play time and the best food. When Michelle Mcleish opened a can of dog food for her pup, she was shocked to find out what was inside.

The Scotland mother was about to pour the dog food into a bowl for her chocolate Labrador, Kaya, when she noticed that the top of the tin was moving. She looked inside to find maggots crawling around in the dog food. They were living in the sealed container and had burrowed into the food inside.

“It was totally disgusting – I’m just glad I noticed before giving it to my dog,” Michele explained. “I can’t image eating maggots would be good for their tummies.”

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Michele took the dog food back to her local Tesco store where she bought it. While the store quickly removed all of the other Butchers cans from the shelves, they told Michele there was nothing they could do.

Butchers said in a statement, “We were very concerned to hear about Ms. McLeish’s experience. We understand the concerns and apologize for any distress caused. Butcher’s Pet Care is a British family owned and run company, many employees have four-legged members of their family and we are all passionate about making nutritious high quality pet foods.”

The statement continued, “Based on product traceability information from the base of the can, initial investigation and checks of our quality records including those relating to the cooking process indicate all standards were met and no issues were found. To allow us to further our investigation and verify our assumptions, we have already made arrangements with the store involved to return the can.”

The company claims that the problem is not within their factory, and the can was “likely to have been subject to damage in transit between the factory and the store.” They explained that a damaged can allows air to get inside, along with bacteria, which attracts flies.

The company ended their statement by saying, “We have been in touch with Michelle and will be updating her further on findings from our investigation once the can has been returned to us by the store involved. In the meantime, we will be sending a gift of dog food for Michelle’s special family member, Kaya.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time maggots have been found in dog food. Watch the video below to see a similar finding:

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